Income Generating Activities

T Shirts

The project give freely whenever they are funded T – shirts with different slogans to its members and selected community youth that have been trained. We have so far distributed 3000 T –shirts 500 – “AIDS cant bwogo me” I take care, 400 – Abstain, 500 Be faithful, 500 Be a victor not a victim

Bodaboda Services

This was started as an income generating activity and is now independent. The members were provided with bicycles on loan and they modified to be used as taxi. A total of 5 bicycles were provided to 5 youth. In 2003 and are still operational. Other members of the community have joined these services thus creating employment for 10 youth members.


Entrepreneurships Loans

This was started as an income generating activity for the youth who can be innovative enough to their business potential. The members were provided with small loans that they could manage easily without being tempted to misappropriate. New members were given loans equivalent to three times their savings with a repayment period of six months at an interest rate of 3% .

Income Generating Activities: – This activity is allocated ksh.918, 466/= as a revolving fund. Each member is encouraged to think of an activity that they can do to gain income and they are supported both financially and technically. The projects undertaken so far are

  • Bee-keeping.
  • Tree nursery
  • Air- time vending
  • Hawking
  • Poultry
  • Boda boda taxis.
  • Water vending
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Goat rearing